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With so much strain from job, life, relationships, competitions, and so on, alcohol or drug use disorder is an alarming issue these days. When you try to escape these realities you may find drinking and drugs to be your best companions in the initial stage, but slowly and gradually it becomes the biggest problem for you and your entire family and friends over time when it becomes a habit. But, after you have made the decision to get your life back on track, For a New Start LLC is here to help you through every step of the process and make your trip as pleasant as possible. 

Alcohol Rehab

When it comes to treating alcohol use disorder (AUD), a condition that can be diagnosed when your habit of drinking is problematic and causes substantial discomfort, everyone has distinct demands. Depending on how many symptoms you experience, it might range from moderate to severe.

When people with Alcohol Use Disorder become addicted to alcohol, they may experience withdrawal symptoms if they stop drinking quickly.  Withdrawal's effects on your body and psyche may be unpleasant and harmful, because the body has made alcohol an integral part of the system. This is when you know that you need to enter the detox phase. It is the first step to get better for the people who have become dependent on alcohol.

When the body needs alcohol to function normally, detox is required. It is not simply a matter of willpower and making a decision; it also necessitates the use of appropriate medication. It can also put a person's life at risk in some cases. For a New Start LLC provides you with support to help you get through the withdrawal process. Medications to alleviate symptoms, as well as medical and mental health treatment, are frequently included. When you get back into the swing of things with the support of our program, it may be simple to relapse and start drinking again. As a result, you will almost certainly require follow-up treatment for at least a year.

We offer exceptional inpatient treatment services, in which the patient receives highly organized twenty-four-hour care from qualified alcohol and drug counselors and mental health specialists. Short-term programs can run anywhere from three to six weeks.. Long-term programmes might run anywhere from six to twelve months. Individual counseling, support groups, skill-building sessions, medication management, medically controlled detox, follow-up treatment, and aftercare planning are among the therapies available. It is beneficial to individuals who have a serious alcohol use disorder, health problems, insecure living arrangements, or a lack of social support.

Drug Rehab

For a New Start LLC aims to assist people with addiction issues, in overcoming their habitual drug seeking and usage. It is a very serious issue and sometimes it takes a lot of strength to accept this problem, because of various social factors. It gets very difficult for the patients because they know that they should not be using drugs but still they cannot resist the urge. It is not only the drug issue that needs to be taken care of but also the guilt, the depression and several other factors. Treatment can take place in several environments, persist for varying amounts of time, and take several forms depending upon the type of treatment required by the patient. This is because drug abuse is frequently a chronic illness defined by relapses; a one-time, short-term therapy is rarely enough. Treatment is a lengthy process for many people, involving various therapies and ongoing monitoring.

Drug treatment can comprise a variety of therapies, including behavioral therapy such as contingency or contingency management, depending on the patient's needs. Medication, certain forms of therapy or a combination of therapies are available. Individual and group therapy are used in many treatment programs. Group therapy can assist with social reinforcement and behavioral consequences that encourage abstinence and a drug-free lifestyle.

People who are addicted to drugs frequently have additional health issues, such as depression, HIV, occupational, familial, legal, and social issues, which should all be handled at the same time. The finest program for providing a combination of treatments and other services to match an individual patient's requirements is For a New Start LLC. Most of the people who suffer from serious addiction use many drugs and require treatment for all of them. And this is also taken care of by the best experts in the town.


Our services have been accredited as an A+ facility. We have been a trusty companion for those who are seeking help for alcohol or drug problems. We have never failed to provide an A class treatment to the patients and hence we have been receiving 5 star reviews for years. We are in a constant quest to better our services in accordance with the problems of the patients. We introduce new programs suiting the needs of the patients that we come across with. Our team takes their jobs very seriously and we have been known for the professional behavior of the staff, yet they know how to make our patients feel welcome at home.

We provide one on one attention to our patients, because here we know that each individual has a different reason because of which the addiction started and their nature of addiction problem is also very different,  and we do not believe in generalizing these issues. So we prefer making our patients feel like we totally understand their problem, they are being taken care of and they are in the good hands.

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